Why do you stop replying in the middle of our conversations and then respond back 3 days later acting like it is totally normal.

Ugh I thought I was done dealing with boys partying in Vegas for the week when I moved to New York.

02.Feb.14 2 months ago

Last week a boy compared my boobs as an equivalent to a 12 inch penis. I’m sorry, but that is so flattering it needs to be documented.

20.Jan.14 2 months ago

Actually wrapped beer in tissue paper from work to drink on the subway home tonight.

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17.Dec.13 4 months ago

I am not myself these days, and that is perfectly allowed. 

11.Dec.13 4 months ago

Yesterday, as I sat on the L train on my way to work, I noticed I was across from a group of people who all looked like they were on there way to a fun Saturday in the city. I got pretty jealous, just since I’d obviously rather be out having fun and not on my way into work. 

One of the girls was so gorgeous. She pulled off her bangs incredibly and it made me wish I had some of my own, but I really don’t think they’d suit me much. It was hard not to stare honestly, and her and I kept locking eyes often, which made me feel guilty for continuing to look over. 

As they got to their stop, she came up to me, my immediate reaction was she needed directions. I think it’s something about the way I look, I just seem very harmless from my physical appearance, because I get asked at least twice a day while in the city for directions, or even to take a photo for someone. I’m always glad to do it, it makes me feel proud when I can direct someone correctly after not even living in the city for a full month, but it sure happens a lot. 

But all she said was, “Sorry, I know this is really bizarre, but you’re really pretty and you have like great skin.” And then she left, simple as that. It kind of makes you think, I’m never really that into myself, I think I have lots of ways I could improve, both inside and out. But for someone I had really envied to say that to me like that…really changed my mind about a few things.

27.Oct.13 5 months ago